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They are done and ready to rock, standby for tunes \m/

Parts fitted on these guitars:

Gotoh Bridge

Edge Pro Bridge

Vanson Tuners

Rail Hammer Hyper Vintage Pick Ups

Seymour Duncan P-Rail Pickups

Seymour Duncan SSTS Triple Shot Switching Pichup Mountings

Fender Vintage Style 3-Way Switch

Brass Tremsetter Stabilizing Kit

Paper in oil KY40Y-9 PIO capacitor 0.047uF 200V

Chicken Head Pointer Knobs

500k Solid Shaft Alpha Potentiometer Audio Taper Tone Pots

250k Split Shaft Alpha Potentiometer Audio Taper Tone Pot

Left Handed 42mm Floyd Rose Locking Nuts

24 Fret Maple Neck & 24 Fret Rosewood Neck with Shark Fin Inlay

  • drprophecy

Updated: May 3

I purchased a 24 fret maple neck on eBay, it was delivered in due time but somehow between where it was dispatched from and arriving at my address, the fretboard turned into rosewood haha! So I informed the company they had sent the wrong neck. After some big apologies they said they would send the correct neck, which they did. A few days later I saw two left handed bodies on eBay, a genuine Ibanez Prestige body, with vol & tone pots and switch, and a Ibanez Jem style body.

I won the auction and they soon arrived. Two necks, two good lefty bodies, what are the chances I thought, they were made for eachother. I have comleted the assembly on the Prestige, fitted it with an Edge Pro floating tremolo system, the original tremolo system that comes in Prestige models, Railhammer Hyper Vintage humbuckers and Vanson tuners, a 5 way super switch. I really struggled to find a place that sells black locking nuts for left

handed guitars, eventually found a place on eBay that had gold left handed nuts. I took what I could get in order to get these guitars assembled.

I'll update again later on once I have finished the Jem build. Two guitars added to the family at the same time is not a common thing around here:

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Releasing on all major platforms April 3rd 2021

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